“True Luxury is love and time invested in creating beautiful pieces often by
hand with a deep appreciation for details and the honesty of  materials”
Bilala Kanye Mabuza

“Living Beautifully is an Art” Bilala Kanye Mabuza



We believe each project and client is unique and demands a bespoke approach and a refined sensibility in execution. We service the Global African Clients who are collectors in their own right and carefully collaborate with them to enhance their way of life through design. We interpret the clients’ vision of their space and how they choose to live then thoughtfully ensure that their homes and spaces reflect their individual essence.


We are inspired by nature to deliver contemporary luxury interiors that live in harmony with their surroundings and architecture. We manage each project from brief, research, concept development & presentation, drawings, renders, sourcing, custom design and manufacturing, art and accessories curation, detailed installation right through to completion and client handover.


Luxury Residential

Our signature Art of Design reference lends itself to modern contemporary luxury design with a twist; complementing varied architectural styles and tailoring spaces to meet clients’ dreams, needs and personal styles. Homes should be both elegant and effortless.

We create restaurants and bars that we love to visit and recommend to our Tribe way after the buzz of the new space has died down. Material selection and points of unexpected interest are key in public spaces that carry the thread of sophistication.

Hospitality & Leisure

Boutique Corporate

We blur the lines between corporate and residential design; our boutique corporate projects are deliberately homely because we often spend lots to time at work and workplaces should serve real needs while also being interesting, comfortable, stimulating and stylish.

Design Approach


  • Client Consultation
  • Inspiration, Research, Concept Development
  • Presentation & Refinement
  • Customisation, Production, Manufacturing, Sourcing
  • Collaboration withother creatives and artists on products


  • Project Mapping & Space Planning
  • Design, Renders, Modelling & Virtual Reality
  • Interior Décor, Styling & Staging
  • Production Set Design
  • Furniture Design & Custom Manufacturing
  • Art & Accessory Curation
  • Procurement, Construction & Project Management


BILALA KANYE MABUZA – INSPIRED FOUNDATION My perfect rainbow is where Design, Art, Flowers and Butterflies meet. My wonderful 96-year old grandmother Mme Masoenki, made beautiful things by hand all my life; table linen, throws, blankets, wedding gowns, clothes, wax candles, herb-infused soaps and remains a strong influence in my creative life to date. She still sits by her Singer sewing machine and continues to create. My gorgeous mother Masechaba, was an English, Hand-writing & Home Economics Teacher and extremely House Proud. She continues to teach event though not in a classroom any longer and helps her community celebrate life  through her catering, event and floral decor company.  I grew up understanfing that living should be purposefully abundant and beautiful and that a home is a place of Love, Beauty and Pride. Cocoon lifestyle was born from a need for creative expression and to provide a service to our clients to live beautifully in their spaces using interior design and décor as tools.

Cocoon Lifestyle is a Boutique Interior Design & Décor Studio; Founded by Bilala Kanye Mabuza based in Kramerville Design District, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our  team is curious and intuitive with high work ethic and obsessed with details. We collectively represent diverse interests including creative storytelling, photography, art collecting, product design, automotive design, culture exploration, music, food, fashion  and travel that all makes for interesting client brief interpretation and design sessions. We empower and support young designers to work on dream projects and build their careers and design practices